Women in Sedona Move Mountains – and sell Real Estate

Of the top 100 agents in the Sedona area, 70 percent are women. Women lead in key roles in the real estate industry, from brokers to lenders to escrow & title officers, and interior home designers & stagers. In a once male-dominated arena, women have found their mission by bringing a strong feminine presence to what can be an overly-analytical process of selling and buying real estate. They add balance to their male counterparts, creating an equilibrium of Ying and Yang. It’s wonderful to have a woman’s touch in the midst of the myriad details and decisions one encounters in the world of real estate transactions.

Women also buy real estate. According to National Association of Realtors, they represent the largest home-buying group behind married couples. They out-buy single men at a rate of 2 to 1. The report states that women have a maternal need and instinct for creating their home as a haven. And, they value property as a financial asset. The median age, by the way, for the single female buyer is 54 years old.

Our community is blessed with powerful, inspiring women who constantly ascend to greater heights. They have created success in their own lives and serve as mentors and guiding lights to lift others along the way. Sedona is full of strong women who are committed to elevating the Sedona lifestyle for us all.

Women in Sedona – they rock.

And, so does the Sedona real estate market. A bit of a rocky 1st Quarter in 2019. By mid-March, Single-family Residence sales were off their 2018 pace by 14 percent. On the other hand, solid Pending Sales figures indicate a spirited spring ahead. The Median Recorded Selling Price remained constant at roughly $560,000 – the same as in September and at the end of 2018. Time on market for those sales dropped to 129 days, the lowest since 2005.
The Luxury Home market remains robust. By mid-March sales equaled those of 2018. Their Price Per Square Foot – $356 – also mirrored 2018. The twenty Pending Sales, though, bode well for another record-breaking year for that sector.

Condos and Townhomes are off to another superlative year – already 36 percent ahead of a record-breaking 2018. With hardly any inventory to match demand, expect prices to continue to accelerate in that sector.

Against all odds, however, the long-suffering Vacant Land market continues to lag way behind housing. After a nice jump in 2018, land sales have started off 2019 slowly – 36 percent below the 1st Quarter of 2018. Prices, though, moved up strongly, for the first time in living memory, from $148,500 to a Median Recorded Selling Price of $185,000 – at least for the time being.
Stay tuned.