These are my picks for some of the best buys in Sedona Arizona real estate currently on the market – regardless of what agent or company has the listing. I just happen to think each is special in its own way.

A number of factors could land a property on the Best Buy list – price, setting, views (highly valued in Sedona), quality of construction, and finishes. All the properties, though, are excellent values. The price range addressed on this page goes from $100,000 to $899,000.

If you are interested in Sedona luxury homes (homes above $900,000), please check our Sedona Luxury Homes Best Buys page.

Of course, we strongly recommend that you employ us as your Buyer’s Agents for Sedona Arizona real estate. There is no charge to you for this service, and I pledge to you that we will negotiate the best possible deal for you on any property you choose to purchase.