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Agents will receive new ‘Elite’ Second Home Specialist Designation
by Amanda Sturges


San Francisco, CA – January 24, 2006.  EscapeHomes (, the leading Internet service for second home buyers, is honoring its top real estate agents for breaking new ground in Internet vacation, retirement and investment property sales. Researching and buying second homes via the Internet has exploded in the past few years, and EscapeHomes Top 30 ‘Elite’ Real Estate Agents for 2005 have proven they are adept at this new form of communication and real estate transaction.


The previous model of meeting a prospective buyer face to face was difficult when people wanted to buy a vacation, retirement or investment home located at a distance from their primary residence. For this reason EscapeHomes created a service that matches consumers with experienced and qualified real estate agents who are experts in assisting second home buyers in exactly this type of situation. The results EscapeHomes has seen and the feedback they have received, clearly demonstrates that this service is beneficial for buyers, sellers and agents alike.


EscapeHomes’ Top 5 ‘Elite’ Real Estate Agents for 2005 come from very different parts of the country and include: Kathleen Caponigro (Pocono, Pennsylvania), Teresa Haberman (Venice, Florida), Roy Grimm (Sedona, Arizona), Shelly Hummel (Bend, Oregon), and Dennis Hanlon (Park City, Utah).


“EscapeHomes is by far the most outstanding ‘qualified buyer’ source available to real estate professionals today. Their website is extremely user friendly for both buyers and agents, and their customer follow-up and support are unsurpassed. Thanks to EscapeHomes my production and income has doubled since I became a member 16 months ago,” explains Kathleen Caponigro.


The next twenty-five ‘Elite’ Real Estate Agents work with recreationally diverse markets in 18 states. These individuals include: Chris Bensen, Patsy Chilson, Ken Deshaies, Susan Feil, Bill Grannan, Aysha Griffin, Bob Grundei, Deb Howard, Diane Jackson, Allan Joy, Nathan Konopka, Phyllis Leilani Halstead, Ken Libby, Buzz Needham, Lloyd Nichols, Lorrie O’Brien, James Palow, Maya Pavane, Glen Skinner, Nancy Story, Joy Tarbell, Fred & Linda Walker, Kate Wheeler, Lisa Wilder and Robert Yoder.


With the advent of a buyer’s market it is more crucial than ever for consumers to illicit the help of a qualified real estate professional. Not only can experienced agents help with sensitive negotiations (sellers may be slow to accept that home prices have stabilized or even dropped in their area), but they can steer buyers to the best property and neighborhood available in their price range. Knowledgeable agents will also provide their clients with important property information and measures, such as days on the market, price per square foot, the gap between sale price and asking price, which define the local market and will allow the buyer to make the right offer.


Purchasing a second home is a unique buying situation because people purchase for different reasons: family vacations, investment, retirement or some combination of these. In 2005, the EscapeHomes ‘Elite’ Real Estate Agents were able to negotiate the different needs and requirements of their customers, creating satisfying solutions and happy second home owners.


Linda Axford explains, “This is the second time we have utilized and found the service to be extremely prompt and helpful. My husband and I will be visiting Flagstaff at the beginning of March to check out the area as a possibility for relocation. EscapeHomes’ local area expert, Diane Jackson, responded to our email inquiry right away and sent us a nice selection of condo/townhouses that are currently on the market. This gave us a good feel for what to expect when we visit, in addition to what and where we can afford to live.”


The housing market may be cooling, but that’s good news for the many second home buyers who are ready to jump right in and exploit a more competitive market. Even better is that there are outstanding real estate professionals ready to help them make that jump safely and happily.


About EscapeHomes, The Smart Source For Second Homes, is the only online real estate marketplace focusing exclusively on the second homebuyer and seller, bringing together people searching for vacation, investment, and retirement homes with the properties and real estate professionals that meet their needs.


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