Best Buys in the Sedona Luxury Homes Market

If you’re looking for a dream home in Sedona – which has been recognized by USA Today as the most beautiful place to live in America – there are still great deals to be had now. Overall median home prices hit bottom in 2011 and have, since the fall of 2012, started moving up in earnest. – 42% so far. Sedona luxury homes prices, however, have remained relatively stable since 2011 even though the Sedona luxury home market took off in 2013 through the first half of 2015, in terms of numbers of sales. It has slowed considerably since then and, so far in 2016 the sales pace is about half of what it was in 2015. The Average Price Per Square Foot of the luxury homes sold in 2016 is currently $306 versus $379 in 2015.  That means we still have a nice window of opportunity open at the moment for luxury buyers.

Again, these properties have made this list because they all have something special going for them.  Could be that they are terrific values or they have unique qualities that set them apart from the competition.  In some cases, it’s both.

This page comprises Sedona homes over $900,000.  For our picks under that mark, go to Roy’s Best Buys page.

Here are Roy’s Best Buys in Sedona Luxury Homes