Village of Oak Creek

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Village of Oak Creek

Most visitors arrive in Sedona via I-17, rolling along Highway 179, Arizona’s first All-American Road, the Red Rock Scenic Byway. As you come around a gentle curve, suddenly the breathtaking Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock seem to explode into view and instantly you know… you’re in Sedona. Your first taste of Sedona begins in the Village of Oak Creek, a laid-back residential and business community 5 miles south of Uptown Sedona’s business hub. Stop and spend a day in “the Village:” play a round at one of three Village area golf courses or go for a hike in the red rocks, grab a bite to eat at a casual cafe, shop the Village’s signature Oak Creek Factory Outlet Stores, TeQua Marketplace and more retail centers, and end the day with fine dining, a music theater experience and an overnight in a charming bed & breakfast or hotel.

The “Village” (or “VOC”) is, historically, part of Sedona, it just isn’t within the Sedona City limits.  That’s because, when the Sedona incorporated as a city in 1988, the Village opted out.  But, it does have a Sedona address and impressive red rock views, so there’s no question that you’re in Sedona here. Being seven miles from I-17, it’s an ideal spot for folks who need to pop down to Phoenix often and more quickly.  That’s about an hour and a half drive. The VOC is favored by golfers since this is where most of the courses are in the area.

From a Sedona and Village of Oak Creek AZ real estate perspective, the advantage of purchasing in the Village is that prices are about 10% less expensive than in the City of Sedona. So, you do get more bang for your buck. The trade-off is that if you want to catch a movie, have more dining choices, or attend one of the numerous music, film, art, or cultural festivals, it’s a 15 or 20 minute drive. An incredibly scenic drive, but an extra drive nonetheless.

Most Villagers happily embrace that trade-off and prefer the more quiet environs of the VOC.

By the way, if you just say “Oak Creek” you’re referring to the body of water, not the Village.

For the purpose of Sedona real estate searches, the Village or “Big Park” (the old name for the VOC) comprises areas 45 and 46.




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